PitStop Pro 24.03 Preflight Profile Update Guide



Preflight Profiles created in PitStop 10 or earlier are no longer supported in version 24.03. It's essential to update your Preflight Profiles before upgrading to ensure compatibility with the latest version.

Common Errors

  • An unexpected error occurred, the preflight cannot be performed.
  • This Certified PDF file does not contain Certified Preflight results.
  • There are problems reading the selected Preflight Profile. It cannot be opened for edit.


Updating the Preflight Profile (without changing settings) can be done in more recent versions of PitStop Pro (up to 23 update 1). Follow these steps to update your Preflight Profiles:

  1. If you have PitStop version 2023 update 1 installed, open the old Preflight Profiles for edit.
  2. Choose to update to a more recent version when prompted. The profile will be updated to the newer format supported in version 24.03.
  3. Repeat the same process for any old Preflight Profile used in a QuickRun.

If you've already upgraded and don't have version 2023 installed, follow these steps:

  1. Download the installer from the download page and install it on a different machine.
  2. Use the fully functional 30-day trial version to update the old Preflight Profiles.