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Celebrating Over Three Decades of Innovation and Excellence

Since our inception on April 1, 1988, Digital Distributors has been a cornerstone in the print and packaging industry, celebrating our 36th anniversary in 2024. Our journey is marked by a steadfast commitment to responding to our market’s evolving needs and prioritizing our clients’ bespoke requirements.

Our founding partners, Gill Tommasi and John Panton, along with Dilshaad Rajie, who joined as a director in 2018 and has been an integral part of our team for 27 years, continue to steer our company towards new horizons. Under their guidance, we have solidified our reputation as trusted suppliers and consultants, specializing in high-quality proofing and production systems.

At Digital Distributors, we understand the value of trust our customers place in us to deliver specialist products crucial for their operations. Our approach involves close engagement with our customers to deliver high-quality, reliable solutions with a strong focus on reducing waste and optimizing efficiency. We pride ourselves on a balanced value proposition that intertwines exceptional service, unmatched expertise, and competitive pricing.

With a robust presence in Cape Town, Durban, and Johannesburg, we extend our reach across the nation, ensuring accessible and prompt service. Our clientele in the print and packaging industry benefits significantly from our adoption of the G7 Methodology. John Panton, a recognized G7 Expert and G7 Expert Trainer, leverages his extensive experience exceeding 30 years and his deep understanding of numerous ISO norms to deliver unparalleled consulting services. Our expertise spans various sectors including offset, gravure, flexographic, screen print, and digital print industries.

Our strategic collaboration with Colorflow Solutions, a specialist consulting firm, enhances our offerings in file automation and color management expertise. This partnership allows us to provide a comprehensive suite of solutions tailored to the dynamic needs of our clients.

Digital Distributors is not just a leader in the print industry but also a proactive participant in South Africa's evolving business landscape. We proudly maintain our status as a Level 2 BEE (Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment) company, demonstrating our commitment to contributing positively to the country's economic and social development.

As we move forward, Digital Distributors remains dedicated to innovation, excellence, and the continual pursuit of surpassing our clients' expectations. We are excited for the future and committed to being an integral part of our clients' success stories.