Proofs usually fail due to 1 of 2 reasons, it’s either software or hardware related.

Normally, if your inks are expired (especially primary colors), it will cause a color shift and your proofs will fail. In other cases, you might be experiencing print quality issues and blocked nozzles that do not recover after performing cleans - this usually relates to issues with your printhead and/or capping station.


Your existing GMG calibration might be too old and needs to be redone or the issue lies with the printer itself. To perform a GMG calibration, please follow the steps below:

With the calibration set concept, printer calibration is as easy as it could possibly be: The target values are linked to the corresponding printer–medium combination and the measuring device in the GMG ColorProof database.

After connecting the measuring device to the computer and starting the Calibration Wizard (GMG CaliWizard), GMG ColorProof automatically detects all connected measuring devices and you simply have to select the spectrophotometer you want to use for the calibration. If the printer features an integrated measuring device, the calibration can be completely automated by using the GMG AutoCali Wizard. 

The initial calibration file (MX3, MXC, or MX4) is defined in the calibration set. The appropriate target values are automatically extracted from the database. When calibrating a printer–medium combination for the first time, the Initial Calibration from the calibration set will be used.

For all following calibrations, the last saved printer calibration file is used as a basis for a recalibration. Each time a calibration is started, the output values are taken from the last saved printer calibration file. This way, the number of iterations you need for a successful printer calibration is minimized (saving valuable time and media).

The threshold values that need to be reached for a successful printer calibration are defined in the calibration set: The target values are specified in the printer calibration file linked to the calibration set and the tolerances for the target values are defined on the Quality Criteria page in the Calibration Set dialog box.


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