Author: John Panton
Date: 06/05/2024
The real benefits of profiling ones output devices and implementing color management are often overlooked by both end user customers and even hardware suppliers, resulting in non standardized printing and closed loop color manipulation in order to achieve desired results.
This is time consuming, costly and inefficient. Further its hard to maintain in the long run.
But here are a number of other reasons to create ICC profiles of your printing devices:
  • Improve color reproducibility between multiple devices.
  • Have a defined target that you can easily get back to reproducing if you change printers, inks or get another printer in the future
  • Print the expected - colors in design application correlate closely to those on the print.
  • Use profiles to calculate CMYK breakdown needed to reproduce Pantone spot colors or custom named colors to the best of your devices ability.
  • Reduce ink consumption and in some cases achieve significant ink savings of costly digital inks. With ink saving profiles some images can be reproduced with 30% less ink while improving overall image quality.
  • Improve consistency of inherently inconsistent processes by recalibration, reprofiling or optimization to a common defined goal.
  • Establish a basis for Quality control and consistency.

ICC Profiles themselves don't solve all your challenges but with a little bit of knowledge and use of ICC profiles within your color management workflow, the benefits are significant and cost saving.