ColorMatcher® Series

When an item is viewed, the color we see is a result of the color quality of the light source and the reflective characteristics of the item. As a result, when attempting to achieve an accurate color match, colors can appear to match under one light source and then appear significantly different under another light source.


Premier Viewing Booths for Color Matching and Inspection
Industry standards require that viewing booths meet strict specifications in regard to color quality, light intensity, evenness of illumination, viewing/illumination geometry, and surround conditions.

Meeting Industry Standards

The GTI ColorMatcher Series is designed to meet all industry requirements. All ColorMatcher models conform to the ASTM D1729, ISO 3668, SAE J361, BS-950, AS 1580, AATCC Procedure #9, TAPPI T-515, and TAPPI T-1212 viewing standards. All booths are supplied with a certificate of product conformance (NIST traceable).
A GTI ColorMatcher viewing booth will enable you to make visual color inspections with confidence. Four model sizes are available to accommodate nearly any size sample (see reverse).


CMB Product Features

  • Five light sources:
    • Artificial daylight (D65, D75, or D50)
    • Store light (CWF or TL84)
    • Home Light (Incandescent A)
    • Optional source (D50, D75, SPX35,TL84, TL83, Horizon, or LED)
    • Ultraviolet light
    • Push Button—“Instant On” lamp selector
  • Push Button—“Instant On” lamp selector
  • Automatic light source sequencing
  • GTI ColorGuard II— Tracks light source usage and indicates when to relamp
  • Optional floor stand, drawer, and cabinet storage accessories

Model Viewing Area (H x W x D)
CMB-2028 19” x 28” x 20” (48 cm x 71 cm x 51 cm)
CMB-2540 25” x 40” x 25” (64 cm x 102 cm x 64 cm)
CMB-3052 30” x 52” x 30” (76 cm x 132 cm x 76 cm)
CMB-3064 30” x 64” x 30” (76 cm x 163 cm x 76 cm)

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Floor Stand and Storage Accessories

  • Floor stands on casters are available for all models and are height adjustable at setup.
  • File drawers are available in single deep (1F) or double shallow (2F) and can be used with or without floor stands and cabinets.
  • Storage cabinets are available for CMB-2540 and CMB-3052 models. Cabinets can be combined with single (1F) or double (2F) drawers or table risers (TS).
  • Flat files are available for CMB-2540 and CMB-3052 models. Flat files can be combined with single (1F) or double (2F) drawers or table riser (TS).

Viewing Enhancement Accessories

  • Viewing Tables
    • 45 degree and variable angle viewing tables for viewing flat samples.
  • Directional FX Light
    • Available for evaluating gonio-apparent coatings.
  • Matte Black Inserts
    • For improved viewing of glossy, highly specular, and dark objects.

GTI is a leading manufacturer of tight-tolerance lighting systems for critical color viewing, color communication, and color matching. An in-house spectroradiometric laboratory and a 100% measurement and verification production process guarantee that precision and accuracy is built into all products. All products are shipped with a certificate of product conformance (NIST traceable).


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